General Submission
Submit 3-6 poems at a time. We will take 4-6 weeks to reveiw your submission and will get back to you as soon as we can. Please be patient and do not e-mail us about your submission until we have passed the usual six weeks.
Send us one photo or one peice of artwork
In each of our issues we include one philosophical article/essay. Submit one essay of 750 words or less to be reviewed for addition into our next issue.
Send us one opinion or interest piece on something captivating happening in the world around the time of publication. Opinion pieces are subject to review by our editorial board to see if they line up with our philosophical beliefs that we chose to publish. 

Opinion pieces will be featured exclusively on our website 
Please attach the manuscript for your poetry collection or manuscript on a similar subject. There is no limit to the length of the manuscript, however due to the length of manuscripts and the costs of printing for review there is a US$5 processing fee for submitting a manuscript for review. In the body of the email please make sure to include: A short description of the manuscript, a bio, and a short synopsis (if applicable). 

Please note: We are only publishing for e-books at this time.